all because he loves me..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Fall to you!..

Yes, It is officially Fall time at the Barrus Household..hooray!!!! This is my most favorite time of year & if you know me at all I love to decorate for the holidays & I very well would have at the beginning of September if Kyller would have let me. :) but he made me wait till now, secretly he loves it too!!

Especially when this cute little wifey makes him these!...

Note to self.. do NOT think its okay to not use nutmeg just because Walmart was out. Thank you neighbors across the street for lending me some!

I went fall crazy on saturday and started the decorating process, this is just the beginning!!

Happy Fall!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

CTR 5 & 6

Kyller & I got callings in the ward and are have been teaching the CTR 5 & 6 year olds!! We were both super excited to accept out new callings and become part of our crazy primary, especially because we both love kids. But I think after today we have officially decided to wait on having our own for a loooong time. Last week we had our Primary Program "practice" I can tell you just how well that went... with about 50 children that all have very short attention spans.. yeah, not so much. But today I was completely swept away with all of our children, they all sat so reverently and sang so sweet. Our class did absolutely wonderful! It's funny how each one of these children grow on you and become a huge part of you, it's almost like they are your very own & trust me I would claim every single one! I look so forward to Sundays knowing I will get to see those smiles and endless hugs & even sometimes a small kiss on the cheek at the end of the day. It is the most rewarding calling I could ever ask for & I feel so blessed to be part of these young lives because they are more than just children they are my children & I have come to love them more than they will ever know.

Friday, August 5, 2011

check it!

My sister Candice is seriously super women!!
work out advice and healthy recipes... go here!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Destination: Mirror Lake

Every year we go on a Barrus family trip,
this year we decided to go here! 
gorgeous right!?

if you ever get the chance to spend a few nights here
don't pass it up!
Loooved it!

We def got lucky because this lake was closed @ the beginning of the week due to snow
when we got up there the host gave in on the little secret
& we found the perfect camping spot!
Home Sweet Home... @ least for a few days
right next to the lake
& of course the bathrooms for us ladies!

The first day was all chill with relaxing & setting up camp.

day numero dos we decided to check out the lake & try out some fishing!

I love me some of this girl!!!

here fishy fishy!!.....not so lucky
but happy anyways

No fish..
we still had a good time!
Tess was a very good fishing you can see!
(her first time camping & she was perfect!)

We also all took our bikes & went for a ride

so hard core..ya think!?

Family camping trip = SUCCESS!!

We love you guys!

Monday, July 18, 2011

over the hill & through the woods

To Grams & Gramps we went!

I can honestly say
this is on the top of my list of favorite places to be
I remember going to visit with our mom when we were little
whether it was watching the squirrels out back
getting our hair done
having the dogs pull us on our roller blades up & down the street
or sliding down the stairs on the BIG stuffed dogs
the smells
the pictures
the laughing & playing
everything is all the same
even down to the bedrooms
Feeling of love & Welcome you get right when you walk through the door.
brings me right back to my childhood & thoughts of happiness.
I love it all!

If I could live there
trust me
I would!

such a special place full of love & laughs with some very special people.
We love you Gramps & Grams!!!!


Road trip!
Ky & I decided to take a trip to..
we have two sets of grandparents
out that way & decided it had been long enough since we
had been to visit.
Idaho here we come!

While we were visiting they took us

The Old Penitentiary.
in other words
seriously so so interesting!!
we learned so much about it & 
what it would be like
if we were to stay here!
 those in Jail these days def  have it easy compared to back then
with work out rooms, air conditioning
& food better than school lunch!
back then it was a billion times worse.


We decided to check  in..
(please dis regaurd the blue lips, thanks to the blue slush I enjoyed on the way here.)

@ least we went in together!

Self tour!?

Yes please!

The outside was beautiful!
The prisoners had planted roses & took care
of them. (It helped so that they had something productive to do)
this is where the saying
"stop to smell the roses"
came from.

Nana even came with us,
We love you Nana!

Some things they did to fill time with  & be productive included

different tattoos meant different things.
some inmates had a dot on each knuckle
to tell how many yrs they had been there.
& sometimes just one dot meant more than one yr.

the cells they stayed in were TINY!
& usually four in each cell.
with one sink
& one toilet
 both centered between the beds.

so called..

Home Sweet Home

This cell is one from Death Row
fits just one inmate
(a place you do NOT want to be)

Door to Death Row
sorry Ky!

 Ky is standing in front of some cells
it goes up four levels!!!
& holds up to 47 inmates @ one time

We went into the
Laundry area where they would wash & dry clothes

I loved this window from inside the laundry building

@ least one cute window! right :)

I climbed into the original dryer
(used just for socks)
If they found any socks without a match  there was a pole they
would tie them to until the other was found.

Grandpa Del & Ky sharing a cell
just one of the beds is folded down
the other is folded up behind them

is the 2nd worst place to be in
these were freaky..
I mean FREAKY!
if you misbehaved they put you here.
these are cells in a separate building with no bed, no toilet.
Pitch black
I went in & ky shut the door
( they would stay in here for days on end!)

Lets just say we would not want to ever
be here for long term.

If you ever have the chance to visit here & tour
Do it!!!
 so many interesting things to learn about
& beautiful buildings!

thanks grams & gramps!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 miles of stress relief

you know those days that you just want to throw in the towell & quit?...well today is one of those days. nothing is right,  im losing my mind & nothing is coming together. I'm in dire need of a change @ this point..maybe past that point, seriously.

so I took a run

it always makes everything better

so does ice cream... but I thought just for today

I would run.

5 miles of pure bliss made me forget of all the things
that were on my mind.

somtimes it's all you need to turn your day right side up.