all because he loves me..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Fall to you!..

Yes, It is officially Fall time at the Barrus Household..hooray!!!! This is my most favorite time of year & if you know me at all I love to decorate for the holidays & I very well would have at the beginning of September if Kyller would have let me. :) but he made me wait till now, secretly he loves it too!!

Especially when this cute little wifey makes him these!...

Note to self.. do NOT think its okay to not use nutmeg just because Walmart was out. Thank you neighbors across the street for lending me some!

I went fall crazy on saturday and started the decorating process, this is just the beginning!!

Happy Fall!!!


  1. I love your decor. If Ender didn't have to touch everything I would hope my fall decor would look cute like yours. But for now I settle for kids friendly. We would love to stop by and visit one night if you guys have time for that.

  2. Cute, cute decorations Heath! We need to come see your house! Good to see you the other weekend!